Top 5 Best Metal Bands

2798587249_small_1Metal. The stereotypes range from stoners listening to the devil, to something whiny emos listen to. But we know what true metal is. From Groove Metal to Thrash Metal to Nu Metal… These are the 5 best metal bands of all time! (According to me. Seriously. We can’t all have the same opinion.)

Introducing… The Top 5!

Keep in mind that this is an opinionated article, so if you don’t like all of the choices (and you probably won’t), then please feel free to rage in the comments. Be open-minded. It’s all types of metal. One last disclaimer, I’m not a huge fan of older rock/metal… So refrain from raging at me just because Sabbath/Ozzy/Metallica didn’t make the list.

Greatest Metal Bands – #5 – Disturbed

Why yes, I am down with the sickness.

Formerly known as Brawl, and becoming Disturbed after vocalist David Draiman joined in 1996, Disturbed has remained a huge figure in metal since the release of their first album, The Sickness, in 2000. With such classics as “Down With The Sickness” and “Ten Thousand Fists”, Disturbed is an amazingly talented band with an unmatched sound, and will be remembered (at least by me) as one of the greatest metal bands of all time. They even have their own mascot! He’s called “The Guy” and was even fully animated by Todd MacFarlane (creator of Spawn) in the album artwork and music video for Disturbed’s “Land of Confusion” cover.

So, Disturbed, take your place in my top 5 list. You’ve earned it.

Greatest Metal Bands – #4 – Five Finger Death Punch

It’s not hard to see.

A more recent band, having formed in 2005, Five Finger Death Punch came out swinging. With the release of their first album, The Way of the Fist, they achieved almost immediate commercial success, going on to sell 420,000 copies of that album. With a sound as hardcore as it is amazing, Five Finger Death Punch has truly achieved greatness, as well as a spot on my Top 5. What I truly love about this band is how I can lyrically relate to them, and not sound like a pansy at the same time(example here). Congrats 5FDP; you are winners.

Greatest Metal Bands – #3 – System of a Down

You could say they’re… hypnotizing. Oh, puns.

System of a Down started in 1992 with a band called Soil, and after some complex and interesting transformations, it was finally known as System of a Down, with all of the members in the picture, in 1997.

Now, let’s get to the important part.

System has a sound like no other, that can’t be placed in a genre other than “awesome.” SOAD has been nominated for 4 Grammy awards, and has won one for their song, B.Y.O.B. in 2006. The meaning in their songs is hidden behind inventive and wonderfully-written lyrics, and yet at the same time, you can tell exactly what they mean. Serj’s voice is probably the greatest singing voice I’ve ever heard, and complimented by the amazing instrumentals, they make one incredible band. In 2006, the band went on an “indefinite hiatus” and currently has no plans of getting back together… though they’ve said it’s a possibility. Sadly, I doubt it will happen. Aaaaand eyebrows.

Greatest Metal Bands – #2 – KoRn

Their music is twisted… almost like a transistor. That was a bad pun.

Korn (Old Korn)October 11, 1994. On this fateful day, one of the greatest albums ever conceived was released by the band none other than Korn. I consider this self-titled album the soundtrack to my life, as so much of the material written has such a powerful meaning. Korn, the self-titled first album, was only the beginning. Their 3rd album, Follow the Leader, was Korn’s breakthrough to mainstream success. Featuring guest vocalists such as Ice Cube, Fred Durst, and Tre Hardson, this album debuted at #1 on Billboard. Follow the Leader was also responsible for two of their best singles, Got the Life and Freak on a Leash. As of 2009, they’ve sold over 35 million albums worldwide. I can’t say enough about how amazing this band is. I highly recommend you listen to and buy all of the songs I post in the Amazon MP3 module below… you won’t regret it.

Greatest Metal Bands – #1 – Lamb of God

I’m not even going to attempt a pun here.

disturbed_[main_image]_0Lamb of God’s original name was “Burn the Priest” and they started in 1990 as an instrumental-only band. The band members knew each other from the college they were all attending, Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, Virginia. For the next 5 years, the band practiced. Finally in 1995 Burn the Priest released their first self-titled demo. Later that year, they recruited Randall Blythe to the group as a vocalist. Some more stuff happened, such as Burn the Priest’s first official album and more demos, then after being banned from playing in certain places (some venue owners believing the band possessed an “evil” name), Burn the Priest changed their name to Lamb of God. Everything went well from there. I’ll spare you the history lesson. LoG is my favorite metal band of all time, and that is a title not easily earned. The harsh, screaming vocals of Randy Blythe will send chills down your spine. The shredding guitar riffs will amaze you. If you have not heard them, you must.

#1 on the list, people… That means something.